Why Long Hair?

Long hair care tips

Quick Long Hair Styles

Filed under: Long Hair Care,Long Hair Styles — Stephanie at 10:55 pm on Monday, May 22, 2006

Long hair can be troublesome to style at times. There’s just so much to work with! However, that can also be an advantage.

While I do recommend avoiding the use of curling irons and such on long hair, as it causes damage, occasional use is fine. However, if it’s just a slight wave you need, wash and braid your hair, letting it dry in the braid. This takes hours, of course, and you may need to consider doing more than one braid if you prefer smaller waves, but is much easier on your hair than curling it.

Then again, you could just braid your hair and leave it in. French braids look good, but there are all kinds of ways to braid your hair, and they don’t have to take long.

A top knot is another hair style that you can either leave in or use to add volume to your hair without using a hair dryer. Yes, long hair styling can take some extra planning. However, for the health and beauty of my hair, I think it’s worth it.

Get some great hair accessories. One of my personal favorites is a mother of pearl ponytail holder I use when I put in a topsy tail. Finding good hair accessories isn’t easy, however, Amazon has a great selection of hair accessories.

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Washing Long Hair

Filed under: Long Hair Care — Stephanie at 1:46 pm on Thursday, May 18, 2006

Long hair can be a bit of a bear sometimes to keep clean, or so some seem to think. Really it isn’t that hard.

For the longest time, I piled all my hair up on my head to wash it, but I have since found out that that is not only unnecessary but not that great for my hair. A better way to wash it most days is to lean over so that your head is at about waist level, and just wash the hair nearest your scalp. The stuff going all the way down your back really doesn’t need washing that often… once a week or so, unless you get something in it. The shampoo going down it as you rinse is quite adequate the rest of the time.

You don’t really have to wash it daily either, unless you have that much trouble with an oily scalp. Mine does best being washed every other day. (There is more where this came from … )

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Growing Long Hair

Filed under: Long Hair Care — Stephanie at 9:01 pm on Monday, May 8, 2006

Long hair is not something that just happens. It takes time.

I was one of the lucky ones. When I decided to grow my hair out long, it only took about two years. It went from shoulder length to buttock length in that time. That’s pretty fast.

The length of my hair is pretty stable now. I get it trimmed professionally for very special occasions (I think my sister’s wedding a year and a half ago was the most recent), but otherwise just trim off split ends.

There’s a trick to growing long hair, and I don’t just mean keeping scissors away from it. There are quite a few things you quite simply must not do to your hair when you want it to grow long and strong. Trust me, you will need the strong in order to get long hair. (There is more where this came from … )

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