Why Long Hair?

Long hair care tips

The Basic Braid

Filed under: Long Hair Styles — Stephanie at 9:56 am on Monday, July 31, 2006

Braids can be really easy to do once you know how, but it can take some practice to get the coordination and pattern down when you’re learning how, especially since you’re generally doing it behind your head.

The braid you see most often is the basic English braid. It’s really easy to do and a great way to keep your hair out of the way. I use it when I travel to keep my hair from tangling.

Brush your hair thoroughly. Separate into three sections. Comb smooth again if necessary, as sometimes hair tangles as you separate the sections.
Cross the section on the right over the middle section, so that it is now the middle section.
Pull all the sections to tighten the braid.
Cross the section on the left over the middle section so that it is now the middle section.
Pull all sections to tighten the braid.
Repeat until the entire length is braided. (There is more where this came from … )

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Choosing Hair Accessories

Filed under: Hair Accessories — Stephanie at 9:34 am on Monday, July 24, 2006

I have to say that hair accessories are a weakness of mine, and I often wish good ones were easier to find near me. Thank goodness for the internet! Hair accessories are much more accessible.

Amazon.com has quite an impressive selection of hair accessories. Sometimes I’ll be shocked at the prices people will pay for hair accessories even as I fight off temptation.

You want to make your selections based on how you want to use your hair accessories, the colors you wear and the color of your hair.

You will also want to consider whether you like to use barrettes, claws, ponytail holders, hair sticks or headbands.

My hair is brunette, so I don’t generally buy dark brown accessories. They will rarely show up that well. I also love jewel tones, so I tend to look at those colors.

Selection can still be frustrating, almost to the point of making me consider looking into making my own accessories. I’m not much the crafty type, but this is one of those areas I might just enjoy.

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A New Favorite Hairstyle

Filed under: Long Hair Styles — Stephanie at 5:24 pm on Monday, July 17, 2006

One of the fun things about long hair is how many different ways you can do your hair. I recently found a new favorite way to put my hair up that takes a little extra time, but I think feels very nice. It’s not that bad, maybe 15 minutes, and how many people do you know that spend at least that long on their hair every day? It’s called the Victorian, by the way. (There is more where this came from … )

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Coping with Split Ends

Filed under: Long Hair Care — Stephanie at 11:29 am on Monday, July 10, 2006

Split ends are a major problem when you grow out your hair. The longer your hair gets, the older the ends are, so the more likely it is to split.

Split ends are a result of damage to the cuticle of the hair. Damage can be a result of chemicals used in the hair, such as hair dyes, hair spray, gels and other chemicals. Rough brushing can also cause damage, as can cheap hairbrushes.

Never brush your hair when it is wet. That makes it easier to damage, resulting in more split ends.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to limit the damage you do to your hair. (There is more where this came from … )

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Treat Your Hair Right to Help it Grow

Filed under: Long Hair Care — Stephanie at 3:19 pm on Monday, July 3, 2006

When you want to grow your hair out long you need to treat it right. That doesn’t just mean washing it with the right shampoo and using the right hairbrush. It also means treating yourself right.

If your body doesn’t get everything it needs to be healthy, your hair cannot grow long, strong and healthy. Leafy green vegetables, for example, provide you with some great vitamins for your hair. Keeping yourself hydrated helps with blood flow. Each of these helps to keep your scalp healthy, so your hair can be healthy.

No doubt you don’t enjoy being stressed, and it’s bad for your hair too. Stress can actually increase the rate of hair loss. (There is more where this came from … )

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