Why Long Hair?

Long hair care tips

Coping with Hard Water and Long Hair

Filed under: Long Hair Care — Stephanie at 3:51 pm on Monday, August 28, 2006

One of the challenges I have to deal with is hard water. I live in the San Diego area, and our water is very hard.

Hard water has a lot of stuff in it, and it’s certainly not gentle to your hair. Chlorine may be in your water, and you probably know from swimming how hard that can be on your hair.

One option is to add a filter to your shower head, so that some of the chemicals are removed before they get to your hair. This can add up pricewise, of course. You have to buy the initial equipment and regularly replace the filters. (There is more where this came from … )

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Oiling Your Long Hair

Filed under: Long Hair Care — Stephanie at 8:49 am on Monday, August 21, 2006

One of the problems with long hair is how hard it is for your hair’s natural oils to get all the way down to the ends. You can help your hair feel great with a good conditioner, but oil can be really helpful.

My personal preference is to use jojoba oil. I buy it at my local natural foods store. I like to scent it with a bit of lavender oil too, since I love that scent.

It takes very, very little oil to do the job. My hair copes pretty well with being long, so I find I do best by only oiling the last few inches. If I do much more, my hair shortly looks oily, and that’s not the look I’m after. (There is more where this came from … )

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Shopping for Hair Accessories on eBay

Filed under: Hair Accessories — Stephanie at 3:43 pm on Monday, August 14, 2006

I’ve recently had some fun picking up a variety of hair accessories on eBay. I used to think Amazon’s selection was pretty good, but eBay’s is amazing.

The majority, of course, are not my style. That’s going to be true for everyone, no matter your style. I’m not really into crystals and rhinestone, although I did select a bun cage that has a few rhinestones.

One trick to buying hair accessories on eBay is to check for more than one of the same item. Many items are one of a kind, but others are not, and you can check for one that no one else is bidding on. This lets you minimize your price. (There is more where this came from … )

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Hair Styling Tools

Filed under: Hair Accessories,Long Hair Care — Stephanie at 2:40 pm on Monday, August 7, 2006

There are a few things you need when you’re styling your hair. Obviously you need a good hairbrush, but some other tools can make things easier too.

A rat tailed comb is very useful if you like hairstyles that involve separating small sections of hair. This can be useful when making some kinds of braids, for example.

Elastics are very important for holding your hair style in place. I strongly recommend you not use actual rubber bands or any elastic with metal. These tend to tear and otherwise damage your hair and just aren’t much fun to take out of your hair. Instead, make sure to get elastics that do not pull your hair. You’ll find them quite easily.

Alternatively, use a scrunchie. Some people consider these to be very much out of fashion, but I use ones that don’t have all that much fabric, a kind of thin scrunchie. These are very gentle on your hair.

Hairpins are also quite useful for keeping your hair under control. You can get some that come close to blending in with your hair or use them for decoration.

Curling your hair isn’t the kindest thing you can do to it, but there are times when you just really want that look. Heat is just not good for your hair, so while it looks great you are doing damage to your hair. Also don’t blow dry your hair unless it’s an absolute must. Get good quality when you choose a curling iron or hair dryer.

Claws can look nice, but they often have rough edges that are really not gentle to your hair. Feel the edges when choosing claws to find ones that are not too rough.

Metal barrettes can also be hard on your hair. They can tear your hair when you take them out.

Hair sticks, if properly made, can be quite kind to your hair. Watch for rough edges, and also see if the decorations are likely to catch and tear your hair.

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